Santa Rosa Academy students at the STEM Expo


On February 16, Santa Rosa Academy K-12 students participated in the annual STEM Expo held in the school’s newly constructed gymnasium. The STEM Expo is a day for all the students to showcase and demonstrate the different science, engineering, math and technology projects they’ve worked on during the school year. The program helps to prepare students for their future.

Highlights from the event included the high school physics class display using pendulums and harmonographs to display patterns in periodicity. High school biomedical students shared with visitors gel electrophoresis, anatomy, blood pressure and EKG, as well as

demonstrated the suture techniques they’ve been learning. Middle schools biomedical students displayed a simulated outbreak.

Robotics projects were on display by elementary, middle school and high school classes. The high school robotics students displayed the different projects they’ve been working on including a mechanical claw game they are creating for the upcoming annual school carnival.

The gym lobby was filled with elementary and middle school students Rube Goldberg projects as well as displays for the career and technical education classes including horticulture and public safety.

The high school photography students set up a photo booth to welcome visitors and the business class ran the snack bar to visitor concessions.

The high school PE class was demonstrating science in motion in and outside the gym weight room.

Middle school science students constructed a stick bomb using kinetic energy outside the gym, while other middle school students created and demonstrated hot air balloons they created.