Letters: Speak to the Candidates


Editor, The Friday Flyer: 

Last week over 200 homeowners gathered at the Lodge for the third annual “Speak to the Candidates” to hear all five of the candidates share their plans for the community and answer questions from the audience. It was the largest gathering of any forum of that type that I can recall and it went on smoothly and effectively, thanks in large part to the moderators Joanna Spiller and County Supervisor Kevin Jeffries. They did a wonderful job running the meeting and keeping things in order.

This year we added the option of written questions for those who prefer not to get up in front of the group. Travis Montgomery did a great job monitoring and presenting those questions. The podium attendants, Valerie Montgomery and Joe Washle, did an outstanding job keeping the homeowner questions flowing smoothly.

There were a number of others who helped with setup, refreshments and greeting. Thanks to Marga Kidd, John and Lou DeYoung, Roger and Linda Kielty, John Evans and Tom Nathan for helping to make it a great event. Thanks also to a community member, Nate Volk, who volunteered his time to record the evening’s events so they can be rebroadcast on TV and the POA website.

Speak to the Candidates was originally started by Joe Kamashian for the purpose of letting homeowners ask questions to the candidates directly without having their question approved by a committee. This year it was a joint effort of 21 Canyon Lake clubs or groups that pulled together to sponsor and organize the event with representatives from each group. The support of those 21 organizations are what made everything possible.

Sincere thanks to Bassmasters, Car Club, Chair Volleyball, Choraleers, CLAMS, CLAPPS, Emergency Preparedness, Fine Arts Guild, Homeowners Club, Lioness Club, Lions Club, Men’s Golf Club, 9ers Golf Club, Roadrunners Club, Ski Club, Street Carts, Tennis Club, Travel Club, Tuesday Work Group, Women’s Golf Club and the Woman’s Club.

Linda Kamashian